This is the official website for the yacht Fifer built in Coal Harbour, B.C. in 1928. She's 68 1/2 feet long with a 16ft beam. She is powered with two Gardener 6L3's from a re-power in 1935 (from the original twin Hall and Scott gas engines) and two Glennifer gear boxes and still retains her original engine-order telegraphs and many other features that help her retain the charm of a yacht built in the 1920's. When we purchased her in 2010 she was almost a gone girl. Decades of neglect, poor maintenance and ugly decisions regarding major structural repairs left her in a state that was...well....probably beyond most folks. There are times I feel we *might* have bitten off more than we can chew, but we are so in love with this vessel that it hardly slows us down.

We aren't millionaires---but we saw something special in Fifer. Our mission was to downsize our lives and leave the farm we bought and raised our three children on for the last 22 years. the kids are all grown, so the land is having less and less hold over us anymore. We lived aboard our 1938 Swedish sloop "Gullmar" for years while we lived in San Diego. We left the boat life for land for our kid's sake. We thought they deserved to grow up on land with the life of stability that a small farm on acreage would provide.  

The goal has been to completely restore Fifer and cruise the inland waterways of Canada in the summer and fall, and live-aboard her full-time in the Puget Sound area. This website is dedicated to telling the story of this beautiful and historically significant vessel, along with the long and sometimes arduous road back to her former glory. 

We have a HUGE amount of tales to tell regarding Fifer, and documenting it all here on this website is my goal. I will be continuing to add more content as the refit is on-going at this time. We are 8 years into this project at this point, so I literally have a wealth of information, photos and crazy stories to get onto this website. It's going to take awhile, so be sure and check back once and awhile to see how we are coming along.

If you have any insight, stories, tall tales, big fish stories or just had a memorable experience on-board Fifer, we'd love to hear your recollections! Please feel free to contact us....and thanks to Terry Friesen for his valuable happy memories and great friendship! Terry gave some great insight on Fifer's O'Hanlon period.

Thanks also to all our friends who have been kind enough to lend a hand in her on-going restoration---Michael Bateman and Craig Peterson come to mind as two of the craziest that keep coming back! You are now part of her history, and that really means a lot to us.

A big, loving thank-you to our kids for supporting and sometimes getting dirty (That would be Ben) for our crazy dreams. Kat....we could use a brass polisher again! Nobody does it as well as you do!